Awaiting Pickup

Lilsister is hacking up her insides and I have to accompany her to the overpriced doctor.  This should be happening shortly.

Brought Papabear to the shops to purchase present for Mammy, who gave me detailed instructions over the phone this morning.  Papabear now bears the brunt of the request.  Also did some Lobomonster shopping, and asked Papabear to carry the bag, which he refused to do, in case people thought he was gay.

Racking cough subdued somewhat during the night, so much though that I slept for nearly twelve hours!  Feeling fit and full of life and ready to imbibe beer tomorrow night with Panties and the coupledup friends at her house.

Received Christmas card from Trevor with a picture of cupcakes on it – on the back is a printed recipe for making same – now that’s what I call recycling and reusing.  Trevor and I will save the planet one inhaled cupcake at a time.

Must go and find shoes before Lilsister swoops in with her mood and cough – doctor’s office may not take kindly to slippers that look like rat face (some form of animal possibly with a snout, but not clear to me).


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