Virtual Hugs and Chips

”May all your chips be hot and your heart warm.”

A lovely quote, received today via email, from an old old friend resident in the fabulous Adelaide.  Followed with our standard signoff – ”that’ll do pig, that’ll do”.

Speaking of chips and old buds, met up with Trevor and my second niece, NN, and brought Lilsister along for the dizzy ride.  We feasted on a scabby 15 euro menu for two courses, all going for burgers and dessert.  The poor waiter brought me the normal menu when it came to order cakes, and I had to ask him for ”the cheapo menu” which did not cause him to fall to the floor in a heap of sniggers, surprisingly.  I don’t think anyone in there was ordering from the normal menu as everyone is either dole-ing it or on reduced income in our Republic of Ireland.

Afterwards we followed Trevor to the shops and while she perused the bread selection NN ran around the three of us touching off us and telling us she was delivering a giant hug.  Ahhh.

See – things might be in the serious doldrums finance wise, and I may have mislaid a husband in the last few months, but it’s the magic-inspired hugs from your niece and the inhaling of burgers with family and friends that stops those grey clouds from going black.  And the thought of hot chips making your heart warm.  Dribble.


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