The Beginnings of a Beginning

Valentine’s Day…and Lilsister is busy lighting an aromatherapy candle.  The good one, which doesn’t give you headaches (we both suffer, although she is far worse than me.  There have been TWO incidents in the last week where I have had to go into full headache reducing massage mode, quite tiring when you are old and silly).  This candle is a big one, so big it has TWO wicks.  So there is a lot of aromatherapy in the air, this Valentine’s Day.  Sounds romantic?  You big eejit.  For one thing, I’m there, the Romance-Reflector, and for another thing, the candle is being placed in the bathroom after Scarydancer has had a particularly vigorous session emptying his bowels.  Ah, the joys of sharing, I remember it well.  Lilsister places the candle in the bathroom, in what I presume is a vain effort to reduce the demons of mansmells, and calls out to us both ”Happy Valentine’s Day”.  Mills and Boon, do call.

I’ve moved in with Lilsister and Scarydancer, having enjoyed my jollidays there so much whilst they were away.  I get to see little N all the time, as she is in the apartment block opposite with Sisinlaw and Babybro, and Preggers and Firstbrother are just two floors down in our own apartment block, so four of the five children are within 30 seconds of each other.  It is most cosy, believe it or not, toilet issues aside.  I have a little room, with a bed that I originally gave to Firstbrother, who gave it to Lilsister, who left it for me, where the mattress is a different size to the base, but I have a radio, a heater and about a quarter of a wardrobe to use (Lilsister SWEARS she will empty this out – I remain watchful, and wait quietly, for now).  On Fridays we consume wine with Sisinlaw and Preggers, and during the week we consume wine as we believe it helps us sleep, and because we can’t afford any drugs.

Lilsister runs the household with a Stalin-esque type grip, insisting on roomie meetings at least once a week so she can lecture Scarydancer and myself on whichever recycling we have failed to put out, or on meal planning (essential in a recession), or on something she has spotted which is dirty/incorrectly folded/on the wrong shelf.  Luckily Scarydancer doesn’t give a fuck, and I am quite drunk most of the time now, so it washes over us.

Mornings wise, it should work out quite well, Scarydancer rising at five am for his job, Lilsister who STARTED WORK THIS WEEK (whoo hoo!) rising at about 7 for her commute and as of FRIDAY, for a nine month contract, I myself should be getting up around 7.30 for my quite short commute to my new job, a little customer service thing for a big bank.  Hurray!!!!  Evenings should be spent eating, drinking wine to help us sleep, and complaining about public transport.  It will be divine.

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