Buy Meat, Study Hard and Obtain Life

Sitting here in Mammy’s house with Mammy obviously, Scarydancer and Lilsister after gorging on large Sunday roast.  Myself and Scarydancer are trembling with non-joy as Lilsister is threatening to hold one of her family meetings after we get back to the apartment later.  This involves Lilsister holding a notepad and pen and barking orders at us, while we sit quietly and wish she would shut up.  Personally, I also imagine her as a Stalin-esque type tyrannical dictator, which helps the time go more quickly.  Afterwards, when a list of something I am doing wrong is thrust into my face, it helps me sleep through the night.

As I type, I can hear Lilsister explaining to Scarydancer what tonight’s meeting will be about.  He looks suitably enthralled.  We are both being sent to separate shops, he to buy general groceries, me to purchase the meat from the butcher we like (level one of our local shopping centre, beside the ”everything is 2 euro” shop).  Not that I can go in to browze – a list MUST be produced later, and I must stick rigidly to it, lest I use free thought and go crazy with my bad self.

Contacted the ever-worthy of my attentions Institute of Bankers to enquire about doing some study in order to move up the banking ladder again, as my current pay (60% less than my last job in Ireland) is not really sufficient to get my own place with, nor eat food on.  They told me that I am a defaulted member (the horrors!) and I must PAY them just to register to begin my studies, and when I complete my studies, and gain a qualification (recognised nowhere outside of Ireland) I will need to pay them again to keep the tiny letters from disappearing from behind my name, every bloody year until the regulator in Ireland sees sense and realises this is nothing short of a money making SCAM, or until sweet death delivers it’s sweet embrace.

Dancing on Ice has started, and Mammy is dispensing chocolate.  I really need to get involved with this so adieu.



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