A Star is Born

Celebrations and jubilations as Preggers FINALLY delivers our new niece to us, spick and span and perfectly content.  Apart from Lilsister who could have been turned upside down and used to mop the floors when she came out, I have never seen a baby with such dark and luxurious hair.  Fabulous!!!

Cue the usual fightings within our clan to mind the little one, and smother her with cuddles and joy, and completely invade the new parents’ space and any peace and quiet they may have.  Hurray!

Due to recessionary times and complete lack of incomes all round, we have been quite restrained with baby clothes and toys, but it is really only a matter of time before we find ridiculous themed outfits with which to shove her into and make her itchy with.  She truly is a lucky baby.

Preggers and Firstbrother are doing fine, if looking a little shellshocked.  This is more to do with a total lack of sleep than anything else, and the amazement they felt when at exactly one week old, the baby decided to hold her OWN bottle instead of waiting for her slow father to feed it to her.  This is a baby that is going places.  She was due on a Thursday – and on Thursday she came.  She has a grip that will bring tears to your eyes, and not just for cuteness reasons.  She will be president of our planet, and she will rule, quite literally, with an Iron Fist.  I look forward to retiring on her coat-tails.

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