Another Completely Shit Day at Work

Came in.

My desk was moved while I was out.  Go to new desk.  Log into computer.

  1. I have lost all the systems I work with.
  2. Call helpdesk.  Approx 30 mins to get sorted, including email, which Ive lost.
  3. Finish with helpdesk.  Mouse stops working.  Unplug, replug, light comes on, no joy.
  4. Call ex team leader over.  Get new mouse.  Not working.
  5. Ex team leader is missing.  Ask another team leader for help.  She unplugs the keyboard and the mouse and cant get either plugged back in.  I replug it all.  A third team leader advises to shut down the whole computer.
  6. I do this, and find that the mouse and the keyboard is no longer working.  I plug, unplug and plug again.
  7. I am moved to another desk.  I have no systems – I call the helpdesk.
  8. 30 mins later I am ready to start again.
  9. I now have no internet access, meaning I cannot use our internal call log systems to transfer calls, send messages or order statements.
  10. I am ready to go home, and tell the helpdesk bloke the same thing. 
  11. The helpdesk computer crashes.
I have eaten a LOT today.

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