Paranormal Free Zone

It has been brought to my attention that Paranormal Activity 4 is now out and ready for screaming.

I don’t care how many times I am pressurised – I WILL NOT BE SEEING IT.

Now that I live alone in splendid isolation I simply cannot sit with Lilsister and Preggers, behind giant cushions, screaming and wailing and waiting for the horror to stop, just to come home to my creaky house and believe that the Dark Forces are trying to steal what is left of my soul.


It is Sandra Bullock all the way for me – and if you do not believe it I have taped THREE of her films to watch – 28 Days, Hope Floats and something about helping a poor unfortunate black person.  The last one looks particularly bad but I’m prepared to spend two hours watching it as there will be no floating babies, mothers looking weirdly out the windows and NO KILLING OF ALL MANKIND.


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