Did Your Mother Not Teach You Manners?

”I got an email from the bank, did you send it?”
”No, it’s possibly fraudulent, would you mind forwarding it to us?”
”I can’t I’m totally blind.”
”Oh right well no bother just delete them.”
”I can get my wife toKATHLEEN!!!!” (Screams this last bit in the MIDDLE of his OWN sentence and blows my eardrum out)
He’s blind but I am now deaf.

Is It Just Me Or…(Part 10)


”I want you to guarantee that this cheque will go through my account.”
”Have you sufficient funds in your account to cover it?”
”Then I guarantee you that it won’t.”
”I need it to go through.”
”You could lodge money to your account?”
”I don’t want to do that.”

Is It Just Me Or…(Part 7)

”Somebody wrote me a cheque and I don’t know why.”
”Have you thought about asking them why?”
”No, is that your advice?”
”It’s not advice, all I can tell you is that the bank would never know why somebody wrote you a cheque.”
”So if I ask them maybe they will tell me what it’s for?’
”I hope so.”