Wedding Belly

Lilsister is getting married in October, and I can’t stop eating scones.

Ever since cutting the ties with my last job I have found that my local supermarket makes the biggest most sugar filled beautiful scones I have ever eaten, and I can’t stop eating them.  It is a daily battle not to drive up and buy six of them.  It is a battle I am losing.

To combat my scones and Lilsister’s belly, we are Going to Do Something About It.  We have six months, I have told her we will be running.  We have gone outside once since I made this statement, and I ran three times (running time in total about forty seconds due to excessive wheezing, oncoming heart attack) and Lilsister, in pink walking shoes, ran for about eight seconds before giving up and saying her neck hurt her (?).

We have both purchased our dresses (her wedding, my bridesmaid) and our bellies fit into them currently.  Should we fail on a massive scale with our health venture, we will fit into our outfits, but I will feel a little bit sad.


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