Face the Fear and the Atlantic Coast

Time for a road trip, I think.  I have spent the last two months recovering from the horror that was my last job and I am feeling better lately.  I have certainly put on weight – I always lose it when depressed, and the lost depression bits have come back, so now I know I am well.

To challenge myself, I have picked somewhere I have to drive to as I hate driving and hate driving anywhere new, unless there is a man involved which always motivates me.  I’ve also picked somewhere that does not look like Dublin at all, as I need a complete change of scenery.  So I am going to the Atlantic – to the Sligo coast, to a bed and breakfast that has farm in its title but does not appear to have a farm anywhere near it.  In fact, there’s nothing near it, except a beach which up that part of Ireland is usually deserted.  I am absolutely terrified – of the drive, and of the fact that I will have to deal with people, something I have never been good with.  I will have my own room however, so should basic conversation get the better of me, I can bang my head off my own wall in private until the panic passes.


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