Bad Photos and Hot Running

After purchasing my passport photos (they are horrible, I am SO GLAD I washed my hair yesterday and got up early to put on  a full face of makeup) I had to then take them to the police station to have them (not me) certified.  That means a policeperson has to sign two, and only two, of the back of them.  I must give four, and only two must be signed.  They must be signed in black pen.  The form must be completed and signed in black pen, if you sign in blue the form is returned to you sans passport.  I discussed this with the bloke taking my ugly passport photo and he said the people in the passport office are ‘pricks’.  Then he apologised because Little Star was there but luckily, while she can most certainly say ‘fuck’, the word ‘prick’ appears to be beyond her.  At least then I got to play ‘ready steady go’ with Little Star, which involves both of us screaming ‘ready steady go’ and running until I go very red and feel like passing out.  I think of it as my cardio for the day.




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