I Fail to Engage This Group

Just back from a ‘group engagement’ at my local dole office, because yes, I am a loser with no job, and must be ‘engaged’ via ‘groups’.

I had to visit the dole office during the week and took the opportunity to question them about this meeting (at this stage I was not informed it was a ‘group engagement’) and was told it was to provide me with information on all the things the dole office will do to assist me find work.  I asked if there was anybody who would look at my CV and suggest tweaks to improve its layout etc and was told ‘yes’.  Great, I said in reply, I’ll bring it along with me.

‘Oh no don’t do that,’ was the (is it me?) illogical reply.

So I and my group went along, and were ushered into what must be the warmest room in Ireland, to listen to a short man repeat everything on his PowerPoint presentation.  It was good that we could see the presentation and hear him read it out, because we also had a booklet with the same information given to us on the way in, and then as we left, we were given printouts of the actual screen shots of the presentation – a quadruple whammy, I think I would call that.

Unfortunately nobody was looking at my CV, and we were actually told to make an appointment if we wished for someone to do that.  Hmmm.  When I first went on the dole I tried to make an appointment to see one of these elusive career-givers and was told that I could not make an appointment, I would have to wait to be called by THEM.  That would be in two weeks.  It’s been two and a half months and I have had no call.  In fact, according to the screen, the reader/speaker, my booklet and photocopy of the presentation screen by screen, I should have done it myself!

After the engagement of our group, I set upon the speaker/reader and asked him how to make this appointment.  He directed me to the customer service desk, which originally told me they could NOT make me an appointment.  I told him this.  He advised me very helpfully that there were walk in appointments available.  I asked could I have one now.

No, he said.


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