When Soy Poses as Food

I’m eating a soy ‘dessert’ mousse thing in an uphill battle to eat less animal products.

When is a mousse not a mousse?  Answer: when it’s not a mousse.

This ‘mousse’ is runny, a mousse faux pas.  It is also not light, as per mousse rules.

However!  I will eat another one in the future as it is quite heavy, and I am feeling full, and not a little ill.   It is good to be animal free – I have also eaten soy yoghurt today, and must admit it has the appearance and texture of cat sick (yes I do know about cat sick, having baby sat Panties’ two crazy cats on numerous occasions, and also via battles with the neighbours’ mangy cat through my back garden two weeks ago, where it took position in the corner, and with a hateful stare, sicked up a lot of cat bile) but it is edible, and I am hoping to get used to it.  I am also too full and ill to eat anything else which can only benefit my fat frame.


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