The Pathway of Politics

Leafing through my glossy folder whilst Billy and Mary argue about my ‘pending’ status I notice that I am to be treated to an ‘Action Plan’ for my job hunt.  Great.  My ‘one on one’ with Billy will also include ‘pathway options’ – oh the excitement of all the things they are going to treat me to!

‘So what are you after,’ asks Billy, still furiously clicking on my details, seemingly to no avail.

‘I was told to come here for guidance,’ I retort, wondering if this is the pathway referred to in my notes.  ‘I’ve applied to do a training course and tried to get some funding towards it, they said no at social welfare but at my engagement thing I was told this would be a possibility so I asked to speak with your area to see if that was the case.’

‘They have no idea in social welfare,’ says Billy, unhelpfully.  ‘I’ll print you a form, the training place fills it in bring it back to me and we will see.’

‘Can you also help with internships?  I’ve applied for a few but have heard nothing.  Are you able to call them and see what the story is?’

‘We used to be able to do that but now we can’t, only social welfare can do that.  If we do it we’re taking their jobs.’

‘Social welfare said they couldn’t ring anyone for me.’

‘You wouldn’t believe the politics in this place.’

Not for the first time, I wonder how I can get a government job.



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