Chopping the Corriander and Thinking

Holy rattlesnakes and I’ve just realised I have been listlessly (stupidly?) been wandering around my living room.  Why?  I have absolutely no idea.  Thought it best to sit down and tap out a little post instead, so as not to appear unusual or strange to all who may be able to see me through the blinds.

I’m in the middle of preparing a salad, and I’m not quite ready to eat it, hence the walking musings.  It has to be salad, because myself and Lilsister are boxing later, and loading up on carbs beforehand (ALWAYS my preferred food intake, hence the wobbly stomachs) is a no-no.  I have also been applying for internships to change my life, and jobs, to change my finances.  Oh for a reply to either!!!

My partially funded course goes well, and I find I am actually learning every time I go in.  I am feeling positive about the future, and would like you to know that I was not plodding about the floors with a gloomy face, but a small smile.  No nothing exciting has happened but I feel it must.  Something is stirring in the universe, and causing a trembling in the air, causing me to spring up and prance about.  What is it?

Just remembered I have coconut ice-cream in the freezer, thank you Mammy for buying it.   Perhaps my troddings will bring me to the freezer later?  I have an inkling they will.

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