Handle With (Extra) Care

Left counselling this morning, with an awful rumbling in my belly.  Obviously went to buy scones (I ate cous cous and no bread yesterday) but was concerned as I always time my eating around my social commitments.  My session had run over by about 35 minutes!  Noted that we had spent a few minutes chatting about Honeymonster, who saw fit to call me at 7.30 am YES I SAID AM for ‘a chat’.  Clearly I hadn’t gotten over having to speak so early in the day, at a time when minimal grunting should do.

Anyway, I then thought back to a few weeks ago when my counsellor saw me on a bank holiday Monday.  Do counsellors normally do this?  I thought they worked mainly office days, if outside office hours occasionally.

Am now thinking counsellor either finds me completely hilarious, witty and fabulous, or I need to be seen on public holidays and for 35 extra minutes due to my extreme madness/hopelessness.

In order to enjoy a quiet sleep tonight, will assume the former.


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