Have Hissy Fit, Will Clean

A fantastic display of drama from one of my new work colleagues yesterday.  Upon being told he had to move desk, he bundled his notebook and pen together, and threw them down on his new work surface.  Finding that somebody else had had the gall to sit there previously, and had left their own notes and pens there, he then proceeded to pick them up and quite simply, throw them in the air, where they all fell back down in front of him again.  It appears that this was fine, his point had been made.  He then announced to the room that he had found a box of false nails and somebody better claim them.  No-one did, and he tossed them behind him.   Brilliant.

The best bit was when he pulled a spray can out of nowhere, sprayed it all over the desk and began scrubbing it with toilet roll.  I was engulfed in a smell of lemon that isn’t really lemon but some cleaning company’s chemical version of same, and used my choking on the fumes to disguise my tittering.



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