It’s been a few days since I meditated, thought I to myself yesterday, and I’ve been feeling good so I’ll prolong the endorphins and give it a few minutes.

I can’t always meditate alone and after a week of tearing my hair out in the new job where you have to F3 this, hit space bar twice for that,  hold Control and F2 for that (seriously, what TWAT designed their system) I pulled out the laptop so I could YouTube a guided meditation for 30 mins and feel refreshed and raring to go.

Firstly, the computer took four days to load up.  No idea why.  I hit it, re-started, and went online.  My internet connection suddenly died.  Several deep breaths (handy for meditation preparation) and we re-started AGAIN.  Great, computer warms up instantly, I am online, seeking guided meditations for…happiness?  Confidence?  Abundance?  Select, lie back…great, there is no sound.  Uninstall sound.  Re-start.  Twelve days later I am so frustrated I am YELLING at the laptop, and cursing its existence.  I go and wash the dishes.  By the time I finish I am very warm and tired.  Look for guided meditations on post-laptop destruction, find none.  See that there is one for calmness, but there is no point.  Find something in the end and sit there for 30 minutes finding the guide’s Australian voice really annoying, and feel itchy.



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