Wash Out

It was a tough day in work, and my manager volunteered to hand out the valium in her handbag to the team.  I don’t think she was joking, and I certainly wasn’t when I stated I required double what everybody else was having.

As I am the most exciting person ever, I rang Mammy to see if tomorrow would be a good wash day for my sheets.  I was informed it was not (it is a bank holiday weekend in Ireland and therefore, the temperature will drop, and it will be raining so heavily there is to be localised flooding).  In the background I heard Little Niece N and Little Star, and resolved to ditch my post-work library trip (again note reference to being Exciting) and play with them instead, especially as the torrential downpours haven’t started yet.

I knocked on the door, and immediately heard the screams of Little Niece N yelping to the house that I was outside.  She then ran to the door, which is locked to prevent her opening it and running out into the streets, and squealed at me from behind the window at the side of the front door.  I squealed back, and we gave each other a big kiss on either side of the glass, because Mammy was taking all the time in the world to let me in.

During all of this, Little Star then entered the hall and when the door was finally flung open I was immediately pounced upon by Little Niece N and could see Little Star actually jumping up and down, chanting my name, in a state of what I can only call self-induced heart failure.

Then we chased each other round the back garden throwing water from a bucket at ourselves, filled the six euro paddling pool and dumped the girls into their swimsuits and into it.  Afterwards I wrapped up Little Niece N in a huge towel and held her like a big baby (Little Star wouldn’t get out of the pool).

It was possibly the happiest I have been in the longest time.



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