Oh, Vienna

Speaking to somebody the other day who said ‘if you love Vienna so much why not move there?’.  Indeed.  Many thoughts.  But my nieces don’t live there, even though the chocolate is amazing.

Maybe I should move.

Who will have me?


TV Orphans are Gateway to Deep Feelings

An odd couple of days at work.  A colleague asked about our knowledge regarding ‘panda porn’ (porn by zoo keepers featuring pandas, for pandas) and today I spoke with an elderly man with a stutter so severe it made me want to weep.  Am I getting softer?  I have been watching a lot of ‘Long Lost Family’ lately.  How could they separate siblings???  TWINS the other night.  Horrific.

Bring in the Clowns

I’m on facebook, encouraging our Scottish clan to think clearly and freely.  I’ve just been sent a link for a circus page?  Isn’t facebook supposed to look at your profile, your thoughts, your likes – and calmly send you stuff that relates to you?

Why a circus?

I think it’s time to turn off the rainforest sounds and eat the biscuits I bought that are made for babies, they are so yummy though.


New Ears

Disaster last night, when my Sony cd cassette recorder WITH REMOTE refused to play my (cd) audio book.  I immediately flicked about with it and finally got it working, but it’s happened a few times lately, and my old cassettes don’t always play – it might be a Sony, but it’s not alright.

To the interweb thing.  Well goodie, Sony doesn’t even make this model anymore.  Ebay doesn’t sell it.  If I want a cd player I have to buy an ugly box thing and manually move the radio dial myself!!  No remote controlled presets here!!!  As for cassette players…

It’s a whole new world my dear.  I will have to – what, MP3 it?  Ipod that?  I haven’t a clue.

Naturally I have turned to youth and called Lilsister a whopping 9 years younger than me.  I began my tale of woe and as soon as I said ‘MP3’ she audibly moved the phone from her ear whilst muttering ‘I don’t get that shit’.  I asked her not to underestimate the significance of the information she was receiving and she laughed.  How can I listen to my plays now?

I am going to have to (Jesus) sit down with Hangsandwich or Boo Boo, both IT experts, to get them to explain to me how to work an ipod and then how to transfer my millions of cds to said ipod, and how to listen to them on what I believe is called an ipod ‘dock’ (headphones are for walking).  I pity them already, and I am afraid.

There is hope, as I type I am listening to rainforest sounds on youtube via the interweb.  We stress heads like our rainforest sounds, you see.

Sunrise with Peter Capaldi

Odd dream last night, went out with a bunch of people I didn’t know and had a fight with a blonde girl about trousers, ended up with me writing a note to her from a taxi and somehow knowing that she got it.  We were, it stated, finished.  Then Peter Capaldi was in the taxi and he jumped out with about 8 other people from the group and walked across the road to a fence and announced that we were all to watch the sunrise.  Not sure if this is a positive ‘new start’ dream for me or symbolic of Scotland’s vote for independence today – either way,  all I can say is freedom to all, because it is, really, what we all want and deserve.

Saor Alba!