Wallop! Your Boobs Have Grown

I was being measured for a bra today, and the girl charged with the task kept slapping me.

My crime?  First one was that my straps were too loose.  These were straightened, and I was smacked for being silly.

Second time I wasn’t putting my boobs into my bra properly.  I was shown how (lean forward, place boobs in with hands) and I mentioned the last time I got a fitting I had been told this.  Another slap.

After being disciplined I discovered to my horror that my boobs have gotten bigger and I am now the owner of totally unnecessary double F cups.  After moaning that it was difficult enough to get bras to fit as a ‘normal’ F I was smacked again because I was in the ‘fuller bust’ section of this particular department store, and they literally had tonnes of bras for unfortunate double F carriers.

I bought several bras, matching knickers, and was told off at the till for thinking nothing would fit me.  Then I ate cake.