I Don’t Think I’m Bruce Willis

As Mammy has plenty of books and skills regarding dreams interpreting I told her about Bruce Willis giving me counselling for mental problems.  She says you always dream about yourself and if somebody is in disguise in my dreams it is a reflection on me.  Then she asked me what was I hiding?  Well if I was hiding something, I would not provide this information to my mother, and I am not aware that I am hiding anything, giving rise to the concern that perhaps I am hiding something so deep that I have forgotten I am hiding it?

That leaves the another consideration – that I am hiding being Bruce Willis.

I feel very tired now and hope to have a dreamless sleep.

Bruce Willis Fixes My Head, Dons Drag

I only just remembered why I felt so tired when I woke up this morning, despite an early night last night to read the Sunday Times magazines (I unfortunately have to buy English [and Murdoch] to get value for money in my Sunday paper – fear not, I rarely read the news sections, as I have stopped reading and watching the news [I will occasionally listen to radio bulletins as they are short and to the point – radio media being permanently terrified that their listeners will tune away from their repeats of early 90’s hits] and opt instead for the many feature sections and magazines instead).

There I was in one of my dreams during sleep last night, seeing Bruce Willis as a therapist.  I cannot for the life of me remember why, but being as I am seeing a therapist in real life and have an appointment next week, would this be the connection?  My real therapist is female, from Dublin, with a full head of hair and decidedly not a Hollywood actor.  This could be the reason that in my dream, my second session with Bruce involved him turning up in a dress and blonde wig, and discussing my mental health as if he couldn’t feel my envy of his tiny shoulders and slender arms, bare in his little white dress.  I don’t know why, but I kept thinking of Kim Bassinger.  She was blonde and whiteclad in LA Confidential.  He didn’t look like her, and his hair had clearly been backcombed into bigness, not like Kim’s lovely curly waves in the film.  But there you have it.