Actually December 2nd

December 2nd, 2011 (from handwritten – note, there is NO writing paper in my mother’s house, and I went to the shops today and forgot to buy some.  I have written this on the back of my own e-plane ticket thing.)

It’s the second; I should have started this on the first.  Then I could have said – it’s the first day of the month, and the first day of the rest of my life blah and bah.

But I couldn’t, because I felt tired on the first.  The night before, I joined Smashers and P Diddy for a celebratory meal at Eden in the T Bar.  Food and price grand – unisex toilets, while increasing in availability, not so grand.  If men will not put the seat up at home, why would they bother in a loo that does not come with shouting women?  Add several glasses of vino and possibly a curiosity-inspired purchase of a cocktail and you have manwee all over the floor, seat and toilet.  Which is exactly what I stumbled upon when I went to do a ladywee.

Sister has told me not to watch Paranormal Activity so I’m watching it now.  I called her to let her know and she had an actual panic attack so I let her get back to work.  I must admit, ten minutes in and it’s all nice and friendly, but I made sure I took my shower first (it’s early morning) just in case I watched it, then brought the ghosts into the shower with me.  I’m firmly convinced that the reason dogs bark at me is because they see the spirits with me.  Probably my Granny.

Speaking of films, I watched Julia Roberts complain of a muffin top belly in a girlie travel film.  Felt depressed and ate a snowball (by Caffreys – the best).  Later in the same film, JR visits a healer who says her knee joints are in bad shape due to lack of sex.  Starting to worry about my knee joints.